New Website For Cumbria Safety Cameras

24th July 2014

Cumbria Safety Cameras (CSC) has launched a new web site. Kevin Tea, CSC Manager said: "The previous site was created when the project started in 2003 and was no longer fit for purpose. Web site design and technology has made substantial advances in the past 11 years and we need to adopt these in order to get our road safety messages across to drivers."

CSC, together with road safety partners including the county council, the Highways Agency, the fire and rescue service, driving instructors, motorcycle action groups, advanced motorist organisations and the police, seen killed and serious injuries drop to a 25 year low.

Tea added: "We have never chanted the speed kills mantra. Bad driving kills but excessive or inappropriate speed is often a contributory factor and certainly has an effect where vehicles are involved in a collision, It is our intention that when motorists see our bright yellow vans they not only think about their speed but their overall driving behaviour."

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