322 drivers caught speeding in north Cumbrian town

14th October 2016

More than 300 drivers were caught speeding in a north Cumbrian town in just seven hours.

Police issued 322 notices of intended prosecution (NIP) for speeding offences during seven one-hour deployments on English Street, Longtown. A NIP is issued to the registered vehicle keeper and indicates that the driver at fault may face prosecution.

Police set up the deployments to monitor the traffic over the past three months in response to concerns raised by residents of the town near the Scottish Border.

The highest recorded speed was 60mph - double the 30mph limit on that stretch of the A7.

Sergeant Katie Rickerby said police had listened to the local community's concerns.

She said: "Following the work we have conducted, it is clear that there is a large scale non-compliance issue for the 30mph speed limit within Longtown.

"On one of our deployments we found that 87 vehicles were travelling over the speed limit. This is simply not acceptable as lives are being put at risk due to reckless speeding in a built-up area.

"Im sure nobody would want to hear of a serious or fatal road traffic collision occurring on that stretch of road but that is fast becoming a realistic possibility. We will continue to attend this location on a regular basis to take action.



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