Country Driving

If you're used to driving in busy cities and towns you may think that a trip to the Cumbrian countryside is the perfect opportunity to put your foot down.

Many city drivers assume that if they can cope with urban congestion they can deal with any road situation. But country roads in Cumbria are often more difficult and dangerous to drive on: blind corners, high hedges, slippery surfaces, farm vehicles, livestock, wild animals and birds, pedestrians and cyclists in the road - all are here to catch out the unwary and complacent.

Many country lanes are narrow and usually not wide enough for more than one car. Look for passing places to pull into if a vehicle is coming towards you or a driver behind wants to overtake. Please do not park in a designated passing place.

Remember that Cumbria has a large wildlife population including badger, deer and hares as well as rabbits and game birds such as pheasants that believe they have as much right to the road as you do!

Don't drive too close to farm vehicles. Give plenty of room if overtaking.