About Us

Cumbria Safety Cameras started operating in 2003 as part of a national campaign to reduce killed and serious injury casualties (KSIs) by 40 per cent by 2010. Initially the project was governed by regulations issued by the Department for Transport which included KSI criteria for safety camera sites, signage and publicity.

In 2007 the Department for Transport relinquished responsibility for the safety camera project, which now allowed the local partnerships a greater degree of flexibility and autonomy.

In Cumbria the project noticed that there was a plateauing off in the reduction of KSIs and as a result of research, data analysis and co-operation with an Australian Police Force the Random Road Watch strategy was launched to maintain the reduction in KSI's. Working with local policing teams, parish councils and concerned members of the public, we went from 50 to more than 250+ active sites which were not signed or publicized. By the end of 2007 we had met our 2010 KSI reduction objectives three years early and recorded the lowest number of fatal, serious and slight injuries for more than 20 years.

Today the partnership has 300+ mobile sites, and enforcement is divided with the majority of enforcement centered on routes with poor collision history. However enforcement will also be targeted on in quieter areas, with legitimate community concerns.

Enforcement is carried out by four easily visible, bright yellow vans each equipped with LASERwitness Lite cameras.

We are frequently questioned about various aspect of our mobile enforcement activities, and there are various inaccuracies and myths published on the internet. Please click link to our mobile van FAQ page.


Cumbria also has a limited number of RedSpeed static cameras at seven locations, and a Specs 3 average speed system. All the enforcement equipment used by Cumbria Safety Camera has home office approval. To find out more about the equipment in use click on the relevant Link.

LASERwitness Lite: http://truvelouk.com/

RedSpeed: http://uk.redspeed-int.com/redspeed_2015.htm

Specs3: http://www.speedcheck.co.uk/specs3.htm

Further to the Government's commitment to increase transparency, local authorities and / or police forces are now required to publish information on the impact and use of static speed cameras. The locations of the Fixed and Average speed Cameras are shown below, and Cumbria's data can be viewed by opening the Bellow PDFs